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Недрагоценный камень, как бы его не обрабатывали, драгоценным никогда не станет,а драгоценный с огранкой, будет только больше блистать.(с) Онэ сан

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If the translation is right: "Gemstone not as if it is not treated, will never become a precious and precious to cut, will only shine more. (C) Ohne san"
I agree, I think I'll compare this quote to anyone. No matter how much potential,intelligence,skills or whatever capabilities that they have if they will not nurture or further develop it then they will be stagnant on what they have, everyone needs to grow and evolve,In that said...they will not shine and be the best that they should be.All things are changing and together we are changing with them..even if we don't like to change we have to accept it.(I hope I'm making any sense here lol)

I kinda miss reading my LJ friends post.. even if I'm not very active on LJ.How are you? I hope your ok :)

p.s. I really like pronouncing "tol'ko bol'she" even if I don't speak Russian :)

Keibara san, good day to YOu!!!!!=))) Im also missing reading posts here))))
YOu are totally correct in translation) And also i can agree with things that you said)
Im fine) working? as always every day im trying to do my best/ Also i have change wok in november because previous place became slave labour)

How are you doing there?=))))))

SO Glad to read your message :D after so long :D
Thank thee your doing ok..

I'm fine too hehehe thank you for asking :D Life outside the internet world is so busy. Feels like we became so busy in our lives but still doing the best that we can. I think almost all people in the world have the Japanese "gaman" spirit hehehehe

take care always :D

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